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Efficiency in your everyday work

In order to meet your needs and make your everyday work easier, we wanted to take a step towards digitalisation, shifting from offering tailored products for each professional, to creating an ecosystem of digital services that come together to provide an added value that is difficult to match.

In this digital evolution, we wanted to focus on servitisation and the benefits it allows us to offer you. As a result, MyFagor is reborn, your exclusive digital space comprising a set of professional services that make the way you grow your business more efficient with us than with any other manufacturer.

These digital solutions allow you to access all necessary documentation, produce professional quotations, view and order spare parts, connect remotely to all your equipment and much more. 

And, from now on, we want to be ever closer to you, connected and always at your side. Because you are the professional who makes it all possible.

You make Fagor Professional.
You make it happen.

All the commercial and technical documentation for Fagor equipment at your disposal, now simpler, more intuitive and up to date.

Access FagorDocs

If you are looking for a tool to produce easy, fast and professional quotations, then FagorQuote is your solution. A multi-device online quotation tool that allows you to quickly and intuitively produce quotations, from the simplest to the most complex.

Access FagorQuote

Your online shopping space where you can find, purchase and retrieve information about your spare parts. Benefit from autonomy and speed, be guided in your searches and check the status of your orders in real time whenever you need it. All in one space. 

Access FagorParts

Access all the documents you need for a complete overview of your business with us. Be self-sufficient and consult the details of our relationship, both operational and financial, at any time, in any place and without delays. 

Access FagorBusiness

Remotely connect to all your catering and laundry machines. FagorKonnect allows you to control and run equipment processes from elsewhere. 

Access FagorKonnect Laundry

Our virtual tour of our plant and showroom will make you feel as though you are walking around our facilities with us. It is always said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But we could go one step further and say that a virtual tour is worth a thousand pictures.

To enjoy a virtual tour of our facilities, contact us at