Flight type dishwashers


Sometimes, in order to really learn to do something well, you have to pay attention to the best. And the best, in this case, is our new Concept range of flight-type dishwashers. The result of a complete process re-engineering, the machines that make up this range feature the newest technological innovations and are perfect example of sturdiness, reliability and flexibility. In addition, they have a great output capacity and off-the-charts energy performance data both in terms of water and electricity consumption. And if that wasn't enough, this new range offers the best price-quality relationship on the market. That really is a professional wash. That’s how you get things done.

The perfect result: perfect drying

The air inside is drawn off and sent to turbines which, through heating elements, increase their
temperature up to 50/60 ºC.To achieve perfect drying, even in complicated cases, we offer the possibility of adding consecutive drying modules.

Don’t waste energy

The energy recovery system draws off steam generated in the tunnel. This heat generated
through steam is recovered since it is redirected towards the energy recovery system. Thanks to the heat exchanger, the heat generated through steam can be used to increase the temperature of the water that is then sent to the boiler.

We adapt to your rhythm

The adaptive rinse system results in low and homogeneous consumption. The quantity of water used in the rinse adapts to each speed: the lower the speed, the lower the quantity of water needed, since the time the dishes are in contact with the water is increased.

Your comfort is our goal

The steam extraction system 0-STEAM prevents steam from escaping the machine, guaranteeing an ideal climate in the work environment. During the entire activity, the washing tunnel recovers heat generated as steam saving unnecessary expenses.

Ready, set, go!

The photocell located at the machine entrance detects dishes and starts up the machine. At the machine exit, there is also a detector to stop the belt from continuing when it reaches the end.

Because we believe in a sustainable world

In accordance with the energy saving philosophy of Fagor Professional, we offer a solution which is unique among European manufacturers: gas dishwashers. In the case of rack type dishwashers, by using a gas generator in the ECO models and, in the case of flight type dishwashers, with gas models with an integrated generator.

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