The smart revolution of your kitchen.

New generation of iKORE ovens

iKORE is a smart generation of ovens. Two ranges to adapt to every chef’s needs. A professional, configurable oven which stands out for its precision in cooking results thanks to its steam saturation system and effective climate management.

Innovating together from the same team.

Professionals from the BCC Innovation technological centre at the Basque Culinary Center have tested the usability of iKORE, as well as the impact of the technologies featured in the oven on the quality of the food, in the LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab, a laboratory for innovation and digital transformation in gastronomy.


"We have united scientific and culinary knowledge..."

Fernando Palacio

iKORE Ovens Projects Head Engineer at Fagor Professional


"We work on the three pillars of our project: laboratory, usability and chef."

Jonan Eskibel

iKORE Ovens Projects Head Engineer at Fagor Professional


"The project has enabled us to develop work methodologies where information flows."

Olaia Estrada

Laboratory Manager at BCC Innovation Projects


"We have sought the attention of chefs – our target audience – to analyse the usability of our ovens."

María Mora

Researcher in the Field of Sensory Analysis at BCC


"The BCC provides us with knowledge that can be structured, measured and developed."

Oier Biritxinaga

Corporate Head of Fagor Professional

A new concept of cooking.

Cooking Control

Your desired cooking results.

The new iKORE ovens generation guarantees the highest precision whilst cooking, for the optimal result.

User experience

Fagor Touch, easier to use than ever.

Intuitive, simple and clear. Our oven is the perfect guide to help you in your cooking.

Food Safety

Hygiene, above all.

Place importance on the shape to ensure the oven’s cleanliness. The oven’s design is engineered to guarantee maximum hygiene together with good operation and cooking.

Robust design.

Built to last.


Connected for maximum performance.

A unique connection between you and your business. A way to connect your machines to each other and to supervise them from anywhere, at any time.

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