Compact flatwork ironers


The compact flatwork ironer range with 600, 800 and 1000 mm rollers has been recently updated and redesigned to offer maximum performance. With their compact design, these machines allow for significant space saving in laundries that need to process large quantities of flatwork. This way up to 290 kg can be ironed per hour in less than 27 square metres.

By incorporating the ironing roller with a diameter of 1000 mm, the capacity of this range of machines has been increased significantly, which is why they can to provide solutions for laundries in hospitals, hotels, etc., that need to process up to 9 tonnes per day, all with minimum space and labour requirements.

Another notable development is the new 3300 roller, thanks to this, laundry up to 3300 x 3300 mm can be ironed and folded.

Also, a new touch screen control has been developed. This new control allows for easy and completely intuitive machine usage, with great versatility in order to adjust any of the folding or ironing parameters.

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